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Young Professionals Program at the World Bank😊

Young Professionals Program at the World Bank😊, Young Professionals Program at the World Bank, The Young Professionals YPP is a World Bank Group program that offers scholarships to work at the World Bank. It is defined as the starting point for a career in the institution.

What is the program to work at the World Bank?

Those selected to work at the World Bank participate in a two-year leadership development program. The experience begins in Washington, United State. Initial stage is intensive hands-on and classroom training. Young people learn the fundamentals of leadership, how the group’s institutions operate, and how to identify opportunities for joint impact. The YPP is based on a few main pillars, including professional experience, leadership development, and training, knowledge of the global workings of the YPF, coaching and mentoring, and networking events.

How to apply to work at the World Bank through YPP

The application period for the YPF YPP will be from June 15th to July 15th for all profiles and from August 15th to September 29th. But you can start gathering documentation and getting ready.

Young Professionals Program at the World Bank😊
Young Professionals Program at the World Bank😊

Interested parties must apply online. Among the documents requested when applying to work at the World Bank are:

  • Resume;
  • Diplomas and academic record;
  • A short essay;

Short summary of the thesis or dissertation (World Bank applicants only);

The essay must have a maximum of 4,200 characters and the questions to be answered in this edition have already been published:

Given the current global context, how can the World Bank Group help our national clients support and achieve green, resilient, and inclusive development? Include the reconstruction of lost progress on the YPF’s twin goals in recent years as it relates to your area of ​​work.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed virtually. The interviews may involve different activities, such as individual or group exercises and tests on finance.

What does the program offer?

YPP offers a competitive salary and benefits package as part of a five-year contract.

Benefits include health insurance, life insurance and accident insurance, as well as a pension plan. There is also the possibility of also having benefits related to relocation and mobility.

Requirements to apply for the YPP

Opportunities to work at the World Bank are for candidates who demonstrate a passion for international development, who are postgraduates and have relevant work experience, and the potential to grow in leadership roles.

  • The YPP eligibility criteria are:
  • Have a master’s or doctorate;
  • Possess specialization in a relevant area for the group.
  • Demonstrate relevant professional experience or continued studies up to the doctorate;
  • Be fluent in English.

To be considered competitive, the candidate must have good academic credentials, demonstrate knowledge of industry trends and customer engagement skills have good communication and team management skills.

The World Bank values ​​diversity and inclusion. Therefore, citizens of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, women and people with disabilities are especially invited to apply. To request additional materials in accessible formats, you can contact [email protected].

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