Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023
USA Sales Associate Program 2023

USA Sales Associate Program 2023, the Sales Associate Program provides the opportunity applicant to learn sales, leadership and problem solving skills and solve them as you work alongside Google sales teams that are highly skilled worker.

Analytical Lead Associates in 2022:

USA Sales Associate Program 2023, Analytical Lead Associates support a sales team to help customers to solve their problems and outcomes and Analytical Lead Associates sit in Chicago in current year. Click here google apprenticeship program

  • It leads and rotates across Google advertising sales teams in the US and supports them.
  • Interns have a team of mentors, professionals, and advisors to help them learn and grow up with them, learn how to judge a problem and outcome from it as soon as possible.

Position is as follows:

  • Account Manager Associates:
  • Account Manager Associates sit in New York City, Chicago, and Atlanta.

It collaborates with internal clients, and agency partners to execute advertising campaigns and work with team. Associates have 3 to 4 mentors a mix of team and managers who coach associates through challenges and provide support and know them how to outcome from problem.


  1. 1 year of experience in sales, digital marketing, digital advertising or any relevant field.
  2. Good written and communication skills.
  3. Experience in client facing roles and manage.
  4. Bachelor’s degree with practical experience
  5. Experience working with Google Ads and campaigns.
  6. Analytical problem solving skill

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