Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
Undergraduate Scholarships in South Korea from the Korean Embassy

Undergraduate Scholarships in South Korea from the Korean Embassy, the Korea Government Scholarships are for t undergraduate degrees in the country and last between 4 to 7 years. It is important to clarify that this is one of two National Institute for International Education programs to study in Korea. This public notice is open to all areas of knowledge and in this public notice, candidates need to apply via the Embassy.

What Are Undergraduate Scholarships In Korea

Undergraduate Scholarships in South Korea from the Korean Embassy, national Institute for International Education Korea Undergraduate Scholarships include airfare, university fee waivers, medical insurance, a monthly allowance, as well as a specific living allowance. The government offers a free Korean course for the student’s first year in the country and awards an award for proficiency in the language.

After this year of studying Korean, to enter the university, the student must reach level 3 on the TOPIK proficiency test, the duration of the scholarship has increased and courses such as medicine and architecture are now accepted.

How to Apply for Undergraduate Scholarships in South Korea

To apply, it is necessary to submit some forms available on the embassy website, completed in English, in addition to delivering some certificates:

  1. Application form
  2. Two letters of recommendation
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Copy high school transcript
  5. High school graduation certificate
  6. Health Certificate
  7. Study plan
  8. Copy of English Proficiency Certificate
  9. Citizenship certificates of the candidate and his parents
  10. Copy of Korean Proficiency Certificate

Tips for Winning the GKS Scholarship

  1. A lot of attention to the documentation and sending it exactly in the format requested by the selection is necessary. the South Korean government outlines some tips on the preparation of the documents:
  2. Complete all forms in English or Korean
  3. Make three single copies of the documentation and send the originals in an envelope along with the two letters of recommendation that must be sealed by the teachers themselves and send it.
  4. In the study plan, research the curriculum of the university of your choice and demonstrate that you are informed about the course and subjects you want to study and apply for that.
  5. Personal statement write about your studies, activities, interest in Korea, and relevant activities and anything else that can help with your application.
  6. Organize forms and documents in order.
  7. Place the other 4 single copies in 4 separate envelopes in the same order. Put everything in a larger envelope and send it to the Embassy and notified soon.

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