Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
UCLA recruits international students 2023

UCLA recruits international students 2023, the Research in Industrial Projects for Students Program seeks candidates who are in graduate or recent graduates and who are at least eighteen years old. The research work exchange opportunity is aimed at students with a background in mathematics and some knowledge of computer, statistics or related course.

Those selected for work as a team on research projects proposed by public sponsors, they are accompanied by an academic mentor and another from the market. The program lasts for eight weeks and students receive a travel allowance and a salary of $3,600 and campus accommodation and most meals are also included in the scholarship. check for fully funded scholarships

How to Apply UCLA recruits international students 2023:

Applications are online and candidates must fill out a form and attach documents:

  • Resume
  • School Records
  • Two letters of recommendation and must be sent by the references.

UCLA program does not require a certificate of English proficiency such as the TOEFL, for example, having a command of English is essential to make a sense eligible application. RIPS is also recruiting students to Singapore through a partnership with the National University of Singapore. The application is the same for countries but only students with a valid visa to study in the US can apply for the program in Singapore.

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