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Top 5 universities scholarships

Top 5 universities scholarships, masters Scholarships in Australia awarded by five world famous universities from 24% off the total cost of the course. If you are looking for an opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in Australia, you will be pleased to know that there are a number of scholarships, grants and discounts that can help you financially with your studies. In addition to the options offered by the Australian government itself and other public and private organizations, the vast majority of universities in Australia have one or more scholarships specifically for international students. Most scholarships are awarded on academic merit. This means that your performance at graduation will be essential. A high grade academic record and consistent extracurricular engagement will set you apart from the rest of the candidates.

Most scholarships are awarded automatically, with no separate application required. You need to be careful about your application during the selection process for the master’s degree. Search directly on the official website of universities. They maintain pages dedicated to international scholarships, with all the information you need to know about scholarships, such as value, application deadline and selection criteria.

Torrens University Australia

Torrens University Australia has different scholarships specific to Latin American students

New Brisbane Scholarships

34% discount on undergraduate and postgraduate course fees for students who enroll fully on one of the campuses of Torrens University Australia in Brisbane 2022.

Scholarships are awarded on academic merit for courses in the fields of design, business and health with the exception of the Bachelor of Nursing. Among the selection criteria, students must obtain a minimum overall score of 6.4 on the IELTS and meet the required credit average for admission to undergraduate or graduate studies at Torrens.

University of Sydney

The famous University of Sydney holds a series of Sydney International Student Awards aimed at students from different countries and regions. One of them selects international candidates from South and Central America.

  • The scholarship grants a 21% discount on graduate tuition fees for students who:
  • Have nationality from one of the countries participating in the program.
  • Receive admission to a full-time undergraduate, professional postgraduate or research postgraduate course.

Studies at the University of Sydney have not yet started at the time of application for the scholarship.

To be eligible for the Sydney International Student Award, you will need to submit a personal statement when applying for your chosen course. The University of Sydney has a list of topics you need to answer in the essay:

  • Tell us about yourself (250 words);
  • Tell us what inspired you to apply to the University of Sydney (200 words);
  • Tell us what you want to achieve with your studies at the University of Sydney or how it will help you achieve your goals (250 words).

University of Tasmania

All international students are automatically eligible for the Tasmanian International Scholarship when applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at the University of Tasmania. There is no separate application for the scholarship. The Tasmanian International Scholarship gives a 25% discount for the entire course as long as the student maintains satisfactory grades in studies. The selection of fellows is based on academic merit achieved in previous studies, whether high school, diploma or graduation.

The university advises that each applicant research the admission requirements for their chosen course because the qualification equivalence and criteria vary depending on the student’s nationality.

Selected Scholars will be notified along with the offer of admission to the University of Tasmania, where they will also find full details of the Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS) terms and conditions.

University of Technology Sydney

UTS have a full scholarship called the Vice Chancellor’s International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship. It covers the full course fee of new high-achieving international students enrolled in a graduate program at UTS in Sydney. The selection seeks candidates who demonstrate the university’s core values, as well as a commitment to excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship and social justice.

  • You can compete if:
  • Is an international student?
  • Meet all admission requirements for the selected graduate course by the scholarship application closing date;
  • Commence full time studies on the Sydney campus;

Have completed a baccalaureate equivalent to an Australian baccalaureate degree, not more than three years before starting UTS postgraduate studies and being admitted on the basis of this prior qualification;

Have an overall GPA of 88% where the passing grade is 54% or equivalent in a UTS recognized prior baccalaureate qualification;

Apply using the UTS online scholarship application form to be eligible.

University of Wollongong

The Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship at the University of Wollongong gives a 34% discount to international students on all postgraduate courses, with the exception of some Masters There is no separate registration; all applicants are automatically considered during the postgraduate selection process. To compete, students must:

  • Start a new Masters course at the UOW (only in person on Australian campuses);
  • Have excellent academic results (76+ or equivalent);
  • Be an international student;
  • Not have received any other scholarship, sponsorship or discount.

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