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Top 10 Best Free SEO Courses😊

Top 10 Best Free SEO Courses😊 Seo specialist spends most of their time doing web optimization keyword research and authority link building for those looking to get a job as an seo specialist having some coding skills or content writing ability, are worth adding to your repertoire especially.


If you’re looking to be an SEO specialist then chances are you’ll be using one of the big three all-in-one SEO tools in this four-hour-long course by Semrush you’ll get an introductory explanation of how search engines work the technical side of SEO link building and content optimization.

This course was recently updated in 2022 and a quiz and certification is awaiting those who are interested Semrush has also just recently bought over backlinks another popular resource for SEO the owner of backlinks brian dean SEO expert and YouTuber has joined the team to make this the ultimate one-stop shop for everything related to SEO content. Also check Free Course


Ahref SEO training course is a favorite of many marketers and bloggers when it comes to keyword research and their enhanced link analysis feature unlike Semrush most of the ahref content is focused on their youtube channel. So you can easily check it out anytime in their playlist section for those completely new to SEO this beginner two-hour long course we’ll teach all about keyword research on page SEO link building and how to rank higher on search engines if you’re committed to using the chief SEO tool then there is a seven-hour long ahref course that will go through the more advanced strategies to rank on google this is only available in three main website and will require their free webmaster tool or a subscription to watch.


Moz one hour guide to SEO Moz is the smallest of the big three SEO all-in-one tools and they put most of their updated content on their blog and youtube channel one of the most defining factors of Moz is that their free tool is packed with so many features on their youtube channel Moz has a quick one-hour guide to SEO hosted by rand Fishkin.

He’s one of the co-founders of Moz and in this short course he talks about everything related to SEO from optimization to link building and has also collaborated with many other online education platforms such as skillshare and audacity to talk about SEO and how to use the Moz platform


Hubspot academy SEO certification course HubSpot is known for their popular free CRM software ape CRM is a customer relationship management software used by sales teams to track customer interaction for those who are interested in an all-in-one marketing solution which includes web hosting SEO tools blogging and email marketing.

Top 10 Best Free SEO Courses😊
Top 10 Best Free SEO Courses😊

HubSpot has it too and more so it comes to no surprise that HubSpot academy covers SEO and all the marketing related content in this two-hour long SEO certification course you learn the basics of SEO how to build backlinks to your website and how to do keyword research to improve your search performance


Yoast online SEO training Yoast SEO is a very popular plugin used by millions of WordPress sites for one-page optimization the plugin allows you to optimize a page for the keyword you’re targeting and even helps you with internal link building just like all the big platforms out there. Yoast has an academy and has prepared a two-hour long introductory course to teach you about SEO and how to rank on google the course is available on their youtube channel and you can access it anytime Yoast is seen by many as a great complementary tool for SEO specialists in addition to any of the big three SEO tools.


SEO powersuite SEO course for beginners SEO power suite is a little different from the rest of the tools it’s more of a classic downloadable all-in-one tool to help you rank better on search engines this is a beginner-friendly SEO tool that’s been around for over 10 years and is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a more budget-friendly option. In early 2022 they’ve recently started a series for their beginner level course on youtube for those who are interested you can download their free tool on their website and follow along in their videos their new course covers all the general introductory content keyword research technical SEO checklists backlinks and much more.


LinkedIn learning become an SEO expert when it comes to anything related to business and digital marketing you can expect LinkedIn learning to have a course for you to become an SEO expert is a series of 10 courses from several different instructors that can take you approximately 14 hours to complete it covers everything from local SEO keyword research social media optimization and a strategy for an e-commerce store as with most of the learning paths offered by LinkedIn learning you’ll get a certificate of completion once you finish the course and you can display it in your LinkedIn profile


Blue array academy technical SEO blue array is a UK digital marketing agency that focuses mostly on SEO since its inception in 2015 they’ve helped many businesses in the UK build their online presence and rank on search engines blue array offers several different types of training including workshops in-person training and courses through the blue array academy for their introductory technical SEO course it has 14 modules and will take you over 7 hours to complete this introductory course covers everything from common SEO tools internal linking and even soft skills to manage client expectations you’ll also get a set of quizzes and certifications as well.


Simply learn SEO tutorial for beginners simply learn is a California-based online learning platform that self-produces all the courses they’ve uploaded a couple of really good beginner-level SEO courses on youtube that are 8 and 10 hours long these courses go in-depth on keyword research google analytics google tag manager youtube SEO and other methods to get traffic to your website youtube likes to rank video based on average watch time so if you’re looking for any course related to marketing or tech tutorials you’ll find a lot of simply learns long beginner courses topping the list


Surfside PPC SEO tutorial for beginners 2020 surfside is another good youtube channel that covers the basics of SEO for beginner-level marketers the channel mostly covers content related to google advertising but they also have a section on SEO that’s approximately six hours long here you’ll learn the basics of keyword research free SEO tools competitor analysis and some long-term SEO best practices that concludes this list of the top 10 best SEO courses.

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