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Study in Oxford University

Study in Oxford University, the University of Oxford is an independent and autonomous institution that has more than 26,000 students, including 11,910 in undergraduate and 13,444 in postgraduate courses. The university is considered to have the highest volume of research in the UK. In addition, it contributes around £15.9 billion to the UK economy, employing over 29,000 people.

Colleges, societies and halls are responsible for selecting and admitting undergraduate students and selecting graduate students after admission by the university. In addition, these bodies also take care of accommodation, meals, libraries and social and sports facilities.

On the other hand, Study in Oxford University the university determines the content of university courses, organizes lectures and seminars, provides resources for teaching and learning libraries, laboratories, museums, facilities, etc. It also admits and mentors graduate students, assesses dissertations and theses, sets and marks exams, and awards degrees.

What courses does the University of Oxford offer 2022

The University of Oxford offers numerous courses in all areas of knowledge. Among the undergraduate courses are:

  1. Archeology and Anthropology;
  2. Biochemistry;
  3. Biology;
  4. Biomedical Sciences;
  5. Chemistry;
  6. Classical Archeology and Ancient History;
  7. Classics;
  8. English;
  9. Modern Languages;
  10. Oriental Studies;
  11. Computer science;
  12. Computer Science and Philosophy;
  13. Geology;
  14. Economics and Administration;
  15. Engineering;
  16. English language and literature;
  17. European and Middle Eastern languages;
  18. Art;
  19. Geography;
  20. History;
  21. Art History;
  22. Human Sciences;
  23. Right;
  24. Materials science;
  25. Math;
  26. Medicine;
  27. Linguistics;
  28. Song;
  29. Philosophy;
  30. Physical;
  31. Psychology;

The postgraduate offer is divided by the departments that offer courses in 4 major areas :

  1. Human;
  2. Mathematics, Physics and Life Sciences;
  3. Medical Sciences;
  4. Social Sciences;

How to get into Oxford University?

As might be expected, joining the University of Oxford is not simple, as it is very competitive. In graduate courses, there were more than 35,500 applications for 6,625 vacancies.

Study in Oxford University
Study in Oxford University

However, Study in Oxford University the good news is that the institution has a very international profile. According to information from the University of Oxford website, of the total number of students, around 12,500 are international students which represent almost 46%. These students come from over 160 different countries and territories. It is essential to know that all students who do not speak English as their mother tongue must meet the language knowledge requirements set by the University of Oxford for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

In short, this means having one of the accepted proficiency tests with the minimum grades required by the institution. Just to name a few, the university accepts TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English and other

How to study at Oxford University?

The admission process to graduate at the University of Oxford is the same for all candidates and there is no specific quota, that is, a restricted number of places for international students with the exception of the Medicine course.

  • All applicants must apply through the UCAS Application portal and must:
  • Search and choose your course of interest;
  • Check if your international qualifications are accepted and if you are able to achieve the required grades;
  • Decide whether to declare a college preference or open enrollment.

For the application, it is necessary to pay attention to the requirements of each course. Most require a textual sample to demonstrate analytical, reasoning, language and writing skills.

Candidates with the highest potential to study at the institution will be selected for an interview. For more details on applying to attend college at the institution, the deadline for applying to the university’s undergraduate courses is usually mid October. In the year 2022, the deadline is October 15th.

How to do a graduate degree at the University of Oxford?

Applications for those wishing to take a postgraduate course at the University of Oxford must also be submitted via an online application form. As in the case of undergraduate courses, the institution also provides a guide with all the details on admission of postgraduate students.

Basically, Study in Oxford University you need to choose the course and check the respective entry requirements, gather the documentation (which includes, for example, university documents, such as academic records and references) and apply within the established deadline.

Dates vary depending on the course and it is possible to apply for different application rounds. However, it is recommended that international students apply before the deadline for the first round, is early as possible.

How much does it cost to study at Oxford University?

Studying at the University of Oxford, unfortunately, is not cheap at all, on the contrary. Overseas, students who are not considered local, pay a fee ranging from £28,840 to £37,010 for undergraduate courses.

Graduate courses also have fees that approach these values. To illustrate, the Masters in Computer Science costs £30,230 for international students. The PhD in Anthropology costs £29,940.

Oxford Scholarships for Developing Country

The program provides scholarships for undergraduate studies in Oxford and covers all courses, with the exception of Medicine. It is aimed at low income students from developing countries who, for political or financial reasons, are unable to obtain a degree in their country.

Therefore, financial need and social commitment are among the main selection criteria for the public notice. To apply, you must have accepted the course of interest and intend to return to your country of origin after your studies.

Oxford undergraduate scholarships are for the duration of the course three or four years. These include tuition fees, living allowance and annual round trip airfare to your home country.

Clarendon: Postgraduate Scholarship

The Clarendon program annually distributes over 100 scholarships to study at Oxford to applicants from all over the world. Scholarship recipients must have academic excellence and potential and meet the eligibility criteria for the chosen Master’s or Doctoral course. All courses at these levels are covered.

The Oxford University Postgraduate Scholarship is full and covers all tuition fees and living costs of the selected candidate. The annual benefit amount is usually at least £15,000 for full time courses.

When applying for a Masters or Doctorate at the British institution, the candidate is automatically considered for the Clarendon Scholarship selection process. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the application period. To apply for a postgraduate scholarship at the University of Oxford, it is mandatory to apply before the course application deadlines, which vary.

Masters Scholarships

The Oxford Weidenfeld Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Program offer Masters Scholarships at the University of Oxford for students from developing countries in South America, Africa and Asia. The program includes an extensive list of courses in different areas.

Scholarships are full, including 100% of Oxford university fees and a student living allowance. The value of this aid is around £16,000. The project funds studies and combines the chosen master’s degree with a comprehensive program of leadership development, long term mentoring and networking.

The public notice also requires the candidate to commit to returning to his/her country of origin as soon as he, she finishes the course. In addition, it is critical to demonstrate a connection between your subject of study and your long term professional goals.

Study in Oxford University apply for one of the Masters Scholarships at the University of Oxford, you must select the Weidenfeld Hoffmann program in the Oxford University Scholarships section of the Master’s application form and submit the application within the course deadline.

Global Rhodes: Oxford Graduate Scholarships

Global Rhodes is the oldest scholarship program in the world. The “global” category is aimed at candidates from all over the world who wish to pursue a Masters or PhD at Oxford.

Scholarships cover university fees, expense allowance, airfare, application fee, visa expenses and NHS health insurance fee. Young people between the ages of 18 and 26 with a good resume and leadership profile can apply.

Study in Oxford University only students who have been nominated by their universities can apply for program scholarships. Each university can nominate up to three candidates and there is a deadline for nominations and a later deadline for the candidate to apply, which in the last edition was August 1st.

Scholarship for Women Diploma

The Diploma Scholarship for Women program is geared towards women and offers scholarships for Masters in Business at the Said School of Business, the business school at the University of Oxford.

The public notice includes courses that last one year, such as Global Business, Financial Strategy, Organizational Leadership, Strategy and Innovation and Artificial Intelligence for Business.

The scholarships are partial and cover £12,000 of tuition fees. The Said School of Business is super prestigious and the courses are quite expensive, so a discount can help a lot.

Skoll Scholarship: Oxford MBA Scholarship

Another Said Business School program is the Skoll Scholarship. But this time, Study in Oxford University the scholarships are aimed at students with experience in the area of ​​social impact. In this sense, it is necessary to have at least three years of experience in initiatives with a social purpose, either with their own enterprise or within an organization.

The Oxford MBA Scholarship covers tuition fees for the course (which costs over £54,000) and provides an in country maintenance allowance. The MBA application is done in rounds and the last possible deadline for applying for the scholarship for the next year is January 4, 2023.

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