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Students total costs in France 2022

Students total costs in France 2022, doing a master degree in France is a dream for many people. If you evaluate the quality of education, the structure of universities and the values ​​of university fees, France certainly has a great chance of being on your list of preferences. Another advantage of doing postgraduate studies there is that with a long-stay student visa it is possible to work part-time, that is, 21 hours a week. For those who go without a scholarship, it can be a possibility to make a little money while studying. The rules are similar to those for graduating in France; first of all you need to understand a little bit about how the French education system works and what type of course you should look for. Visit for scholarshiphive

  • Students at French universities access this level of study after completing the license, which would be our degree, but lasting three years, with the exception of degrees in medicine and engineering.

The master lasts two years and is divided into M1 and M2. In the first, students tend to have more general subjects, while in the second; the subjects would be more specific. The M2 can often have two very different formats: the Master Professional which would be like a specialization that includes internships at the end of the course and the Master which is training focused on research

It is good to evaluate well, because entering the second year of the master is usually more demanding and selective. This means that it will be easier for you to be accepted by joining the M1 yourself. There is no shortage of higher education institutions in France: there are more than 3,600 between public and private. The master’s offer in English is a little bigger than the undergraduate one, but still small. This is more common in some specific areas, such as business, technology, and engineering medicine.

  • For a master degree in France, in public institutions, a non-European student usually pays around 3,870 euros per year. Students total costs in France 2022, there are courses that have not increased in value, so in some cases the fees will be lower. In private universities, the cost can reach 13 thousand euros per year.

Anyone interested in going to France for a master degree should also know that the consulate requires proof of a minimum income to ensure that the student is able to stay in the country. Therefore, in order to obtain a visa, those who do not have a scholarship or have only a partial exemption must prove that they can afford a monthly fee, in addition to the cost of the course.

Total cost in France for student:

  • The cost of living in France for students can vary greatly from city to city. The Embassy ​​requires the student to prove that he will have 635 euros per month that he will spend in France for the issuance of the student visa.
  • To find out how much this money will actually yield during your master degree in France, we recommend taking a look at this really cool tool where you can compare the cost of living as a student in France in different cities.
  • Over there, for example, you can already see that the average price for a shared apartment in Paris is 671 euros, while in a city like Lyon the value is around 527 euros. There you can still see more about costs with food, leisure and other activities to estimate your cost of living in France.

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