Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023
Software Developer Internship 2023

Software Developer Internship 2023 for those students who are currently doing a PhD degree program in Computer Science or a related field after December 2023. To start application process, applicant will need a CV or resume and a current official transcript in English of current year. Join this internship for 12 to 14 week paid internship it offers personal and professional development, an executive speaker series, huge knowledge, good team and community building and many more. The Software Engineering Internship program will give you an opportunity to work on complex computer science solutions, distributed software systems, data science, usage of algorithm and also collaborate on smaller projects that have universal command. More info at google apprenticeship

Notice: To get this position applicant will have an opportunity to share preferred working location from the following Canada, Toronto, ON, and Waterloo.

Deadline is February 24th, 2023

Less Qualifications criteria

  • Experience programming in one or more of C/C++, Java, or Python or any other program.
  • PhD degree program in Computer Science, or relevant technical field

High qualification

  • Experience in computer science, with knowledge in data structures, algorithms, IT, Backend and software design.
  • Experience in Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Database, Data Mining, Distributed System, Compiler, Networking Systems.
  • Currently attending a degree program in Canada and available to work full time for of 12 weeks outside of university time.

Responsibilities criteria:

  1. Develop scripts to execute routine tasks on daily basis.
  2. Create and support a productive and innovative team including working with peers, working with bench fellows, managers, and own made team.
  3. Analyze information and work on it and in output give results to choose the solution to solve challenges and this will be done on daily basis routine.

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