Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
Science Ambassador scholarship application 2022

Science Ambassador scholarship application 2022, seekers interested in pursuing degrees in the fields of science, technology, IT, engineering, and math can apply for the Science Ambassador US Undergraduate Scholarships 2022. Applications are open online until December 13 2022. The initiative has already awarded two full scholarships to women in the fields of science, technology, at the undergraduate level in current year.

Deadline: December 13 2022

All applicants should send their application before 13 December otherwise applications will not be accepted. Check here google apprenticeship program

Apply for Undergraduate Scholarship in USA

The application is made online, applicant can send application online. To apply, the student interested in the scholarship for graduation in the USA needs to fill out criteria on the website.

The application will be judged by a judging committee made up of 60 women experts in different areas of science and technology and related fields. According to the competition’s, the 10 best candidates will be contacted to send more materials for evaluation by the selection committee as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or query about the application or selection process in 2022, please contact Science Ambassador scholarship or visit their site for more information as send your application as soon as possible before 13th December 2022, otherwise by late your application will not accepted.

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