Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
writing contest scholarshiphive

writing contest scholarshiphive to study at the most prestigious universities in the world even before high school So it is Immerse Education Essay Competition program offers the chance to study abroad for free at the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the University of Sydney or a Summer School in London. This essay contest scholarshiphive for high school students is open for submissions and offers full scholarshiphives.

The Immerse Education Essay Competition will choose 10 winners in over 20 different writing topics in the 13 to 16 and 16 to 18 categories. Students should choose the topic you are interested in studying, and write an essay of no more than 550 words according to that topic. scholarshiphive has a specific question that must be answered in the essay. The 11 winners win a full scholarshiphive to a summer course in their chosen field. The runners up will receive partial scholarshiphive of up to 60% to study the chosen course. The number of partial grants will depend on the number of applicants. Typically, 9% of applicants receive an Immerse scholarshiphive.

scholarshiphive Immerse Education: categories from 13 to 15 years old

  1. scholarshiphive Architecture:   What are the fundamentals of good architecture?
  2. Business management:  What functions are needed to make a business work and why?
  3. Earth Science:   How has the earth changed over time?
  4. Economics:   What is economics at its core?
  5. Programming:   Why is coding necessary to develop software?
  6. scholarshiphives Computer Science:   How has the internet transformed our modern world?
  7. Creative Writing:   How Would You Write Persuasive Nonfiction?
  8. Encryption and Cyber security:   What’s the Difference between Encryption?
  9. Details and apply

scholarshiphive 16 to 18 Years Writing Contest Categories:

  1. Architecture:   What makes light so important in architecture?
  2. Architecture and Design:   Where does inspiration in architecture and design come from?
  3. Artificial intelligence:   Does the future of artificial intelligence scare or excite you? Discuss.
  4. Biology:   How significant is DNA to living organisms?
  5. scholarshiphive Business management:   What are the main qualities of a leader in business?
  6. Chemistry:   How does plastic packaging affect the environment?
  7. scholarshiphive Encryption and Cyber security:   How do encryption and cyber security protect people online and why are they so important?
  8. Programming:   How did the creation of programming impact us as humans?
  9. Computer Science:   Can computers really understand humans and natural language?
  10. Earth Science:   How does climate change affect agriculture?
  11. scholarshiphive Creative Writing:   What Key Attributes Make a Protagonist Likeable?
  12. Economy:   Explain the role of government in managing the economy and economic growth.
  13. Engineering:   How would you demonstrate the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?
  14. English Literature:   What literary characteristics do you find most powerful and why?


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