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Scholarship in France😊

Scholarship in France😊 are announced by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs for education, training program courses, and language program course in France. The majority of scholarships are awarded by Cooperation and Cultural Action Departments (SCACs) in France. Whatever their country applicants should therefore directly contact the SCAC in their country of origin to obtain deep scholarship information regarding eligibility criteria, the selection timetable, and the required application process.

For further information, students should contact the SCACs of the French Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence.


There are many categories of scholarships

Study scholarships

Training grants

High-level science scholarships.

The Ministry of education also offered some special programs which are

Directorate-General of Globalization

Education and International Development

Sub-Directorate for Higher Education and Research


Eiffel Excellence Scholarships:

You need to know that you don’t apply directly to this scholarship, first of all, you apply to a french university then you tell the university that you want to apply for this scholarship, and the university will eventually send your papers or send your application of the scholarship program and then they will just evaluate so there are masters and Ph.D. so you have from 12 to 36 months for masters and 12 men for doctoral research in France. Visit here for more scholarships at scholarshiphive


so you have the muscles components so they are saying that you are going to get 1181 euro per month you know and in addition, they are going to provide you with the international health travel trend travel within France local transportation health insurance um you know and so on you can see it is described here so for the doctoral program you are going to get 1700 euro every month and then you are going to have the same benefits which are international air travel trend travel.

Scholarship in France😊
Scholarship in France😊


You need to be a citizen of any country apart from France but if you have two nationalities and one of them is French. You are not eligible for this scholarship so there is the age so you need to have uh at most 25 years and for Muslims and 30 years for the Ph.D. source of application so all the applications submitted by the French educational station will be accepted.


You need to apply first to a university and the university now is going to send your application so as you can see you have the calendar here. The selection process is here so what are the criteria for the selection If you have these things the publication of the result and then they send you the application you need to fill it out and send it back.


This scholarship is a fully funded scholarship which means that they are going to provide or the scholarship is going to provide for yours type in all right monthly stipend and your accommodation and of course your tuition fee. Tiger master excellent scholarship is offered at the Ex marcel university in France.


Now how much is the monthly stipend for the Ex marcel university or tiger master scholarship the monthly stipend is ten thousand not ten thousand for the monthly stipend but they are going to be giving you some monthly stipend.

The monthly stipend is for the scholarship per year is 10,000 euros all right it is 10,000 euros and they are going to be giving you some small amount for each as soon as you grab the scholarship they are going to give you 10 000 euros on the pot all right or on the spot then every month you’ll be getting some small allowances again.

The crux university residence all right on this website you can also check to see there are some goodies on the website you can check to verify what or how the accommodation is going to look like all right support upon arrival in France is also given to you then every month you’ll be getting some small allowances together with the 10,000 euros.

Scholarship in France😊
Scholarship in France😊


Scholarship requirements you may find different requirements depending on the course


There is an application fee for this scholarship all right or let me say a semester contribution most of the courses all right most of the courses you are going to find on this university’s website their semester contribution is around 250 euros don’t bother don’t panic when you get your 10,000 euros you just remove your semester fee and you pay that is how most universities sometimes function what is the use of the semester fee is simply small money to pay for maybe your departmental stuff or your faculty stuff you understand faculty contributions.




The University of Paris has recently announced scholarships at the doctoral or master’s level to promote international students this scholarship is fully funded which means that it covers all the expenses of the students. This program is for the academic year of 2022-2023.

This program is awarded for 1 or 2 years to the students for a Master’s degree at the University of Paris.


This application for master’s is 7th of May 2022 so you still have some time to prepare so make sure you spend little time on preparing your cv and your statement of purpose which is your sop and also make sure you speak to your professors for a referee because you will have to provide two references to submit your application.


For all fields at the University of Paris are accepting applications.

For all master’s programs.


France is listed in the top youth industries are finance fashion culinary banking aerospace and tourism students from business schools in France are also in demand because of the high reputation and ranking of the universities in business management France is well known for the luxury brand management and hotel management as per the top universities the world’s top business universities in France are hcc and NC in Paris which rank even higher than oxford Cambridge and London business school other than this there are many companies like Saint Gobain decathlon airbus Schneider electric.


This accounts for 94 lakhs in Indian rupees for a 10-month course in MBA at NC so the conversion is taken from this table in this data which was made when the data was collected this might change in real-time so please look into the conversion table as per google other than that you can also see something different here the car lease so France provides Carly’s as subsidized rates for students here for 10 month period it accounts to 3 900 euros which is equivalent to 3.2 lakhs.

The median-based salary of NC grad in 2022 was around 80 lakhs per year consulting was the highest paid industry which will give you a salary of around 83 lakhs per year on the other hand finance service role will give you a salary of about 77 lakhs per year and if you take up technology or telecommunication then you can expect the salary of around 74 lakhs per year part two how to find the scholarships in France to give yourself maximum chances to get these scholarships you need to do three things number one how to find the scholarships that you’re eligible.


  • bachelor’s degree
  • master’s degree
  • Ph.D. Postdoctoral

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