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Paid Writing Contests 2022

Paid Writing Contests 2022, Contest can help you build knowledge and refine your reasoning skills. In addition, contests give you the chance to have your work evaluated by experts and can be an amazing way to promote your work as a writer, get courses, travel and other types of prizes. An important care when looking for a writing contest is to check if such a contest charges for registration. Some contests are for low income people, but charge entry. This could mean that this is not a very reliable opportunity, but this is a very long selection process and they offer exemption for those who prove that they cannot afford the application price; its always worth keeping an eye out if anything other than a university charges an application fee. In the case of writing contests for students,

All Paid Travel Contest

The International Essay Contest for Young People is an initiative of the Peace Foundation supported by UNESCO. It is aimed at young people from all over the world who are under 26 years old. The winners of this 2022 edition of essay contests will earn a cash sum approximately $910 for first place in the contest and $460 for second place.

Immerse Education Essay 

The Immerse Education Essay Competition is an essay contest. The prize for the first places will be a full scholarship for a course at one of the participating higher institutions. The Immerse Education Essay Competition aims to award students of any nationality who are between the ages of 13 and 19 and who are in school. Every year they publish the relevant topics for each course offered. Interested candidates need to write the essay according to that topic, answering the specific question proposed by the Cambridge, Oxford and University of Sydney essay competitions.

The 11 winners win a scholarship to a summer course in their chosen field (costing more than £4,200). The runners up will receive partial scholarships of up to 50% to study the chosen course. The scholarship also includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner, excursions, and health insurance. Travel to and from the program is not included in the scholarship.

Reach Cambridge Essay Contest

The University of Cambridge, England, has an essay competition for young people in high school of its own: it is the Reach Cambridge Essay Competition. This program generally has its applications in the fall in the northern hemisphere and should open applications in 2022, after being stopped for a year due to the pandemic. The program is focused on young people aged between 15 and 18 and provides a scholarship for a summer course in England at the prestigious University of Cambridge.

Paid Writing Contests 2022
Paid Writing Contests 2022

Reach Cambridge is aimed at students in public schools or scholarship holders in private schools. The essay competition offers full and partial scholarships for face to face summer courses in Cambridge. The topic of the essay varies from year to year. The scholarships cover the 3 week courses offered in the University’s spring and summer courses catalogue.

Different courses are offered on different dates, but to give you an idea, you can choose between courses in biotechnology, law, physics and astronomy, journalism, English, literature, mathematics, theater and performance, engineering or psychology. The cool thing is, as the courses are at the university, students will have the opportunity to interact with undergraduate students and professors.

Human Rights Essay Award 

If you have a law degree and are into human rights, this American University essay contest is worth keeping an eye out for. Every year, the institution in Washington, DC, in the United States, promotes the Human Rights Essay Award. The essay theme varies from year to year and the institution selects two winners:

Those selected through this competition win a full scholarship to the Advanced Study Program in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, an 18-day summer course in the United States at American University. In addition, the best articles can also be published in the American University International Law Review. In order to apply, you must have a law degree and experience in international law or human rights. Applications generally open at the end of the year.

Economics essay contest

The World Trade Organization (WTO) promotes the WTO Essay Award. The essay competition invites young economists and aims to promote high quality research on trade policy and international trade cooperation and to strengthen the relationship between the WTO and the academic community.

Tips to rock writing contests in 2022

To do well in an essay contest, the first tip is: read the contest information well! This will help you get a clear idea of ​​what the review board expects. For example, is there a question your text should answer? If so, keep that in mind and ensure that your text has an answer to that question. This ensures that you do not deviate from the theme and that your text is concise and in line with the contest proposal

A second important point is, of course, the spell check! Even if the judging panel takes into account that the contest language is not the native language of the participants, do the best you can with the knowledge of the language you have! If you’re not sure how to spell a word, make sure it’s spelled correctly.

You can also use the free version of tools like Grammar, which analyzes spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity and engagement errors, using artificial intelligence to identify and look for a suitable replacement for potential errors in your text.

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