Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
Opportunities store keeper for Pakistan

Opportunities store keeper for Pakistan, The store keeper duties and responsibilities may vary depending on the specific job. A medical supply retailer, for example, may be in charge of stocking, receiving, ordering and inspecting medical supplies. Many medical supply store keeper jobs also involve checking expiration dates on products. People in these types of jobs may also be responsible for shipping supplies.

Job title Store Keeper
Salary 1200 to 1600 Dirham
Job Benefits All Accommodations
Expiry Date 21-01-2023
Country UAE
Application Anyone can apply
Contact Phone No: 042-35923400
email [email protected]

store keeper have several duties of their own as they work under the guidance of an immediate supervisor. Shop assistant opportunities usually involve a period of instruction which may consist of on the job training. Under the supervision of the main or senior storekeeper, the assistant storekeeper can fulfill orders and answer questions over the phone. Inventory of goods can be another of the duties. Another type store keeper involves working in the hotel industry.

The hotel store keeper can deliver and receive goods, keeping an ongoing account and record of the inventory that needs to be replenished. Quality assurance can be another major responsibility in this job, which  maintaining high standards of practice and goods and its good news for seekers to get this as soon as possible.

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