Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023
OAS online 1200 Scholarships 2022

OAS online 1200 Scholarships 2022, The Organization of American States (OAS) is offering 1300 Online MBA Scholarships. The OAS Online MBA Scholarship includes an 88% discount on the total cost of the Master’s tuition, which is US$4,620. It will be the student’s responsibility to pay the rest of the amount before their provided date. Students will also be responsible for expenses related to the legalization of documents, expenses such as translation, authentication of documents, documents, study materials, qualification and diploma obtaining procedures, etc. The benefit of the scholarship is conditioned to the scholar’s academic performance and its must a better.

Apply for Scholarships for Business MBA Courses

To apply for a scholarship, it is essential to have been admitted to one of the MBA programs. Applicants must follow the following application process for the study program:

  • OAE Scholarship Application form
  • The form will ask you to attach your updated CV in PDF format
  • Once you are admitted to the program of your choice, you will receive an admission.

OAS Online MBA Scholarship Eligibility:

Following requirements is must:

  • Completed the selection process and have been admitted to the study program.
  • OAS academic scholarships at the same level of studies.
  • Before beginning any program, all fellows must enrolled.

Online MBA courses are offered:

Programs start in December 2022 and end in November 2023. The following courses are offered:

  1. Administrative MBA in Projects
  2. Administrative MBA in Leadership
  3. Administrative MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  4. Administrative MBA in Marketing
  5. Administrative MBA in Human Resources
  6. Administrative MBA in Strategic Management
  7. Administrative MBA in Environment

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