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North America or Europe exchange on both continents

North America or Europe exchange on both continents, For exchange, both Europe and North America offer countless possibilities to leverage a career and respond to a student’s personal desires. On both continents it is possible to learn English.

For those who intend to attend higher education, there is no lack of options for universities that stand out in the top positions of the main rankings that measure the quality of education, whether European or North American. However, of course, there are important differences between the continents and knowing about them is essential to facilitate the choice of destination abroad, for scholarships visit at google apprenticeship program

Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad in Europe

One of the biggest benefits of choosing the European continent for the exchange is the ease of visiting countries other than the chosen destination to study abroad. Several trips between nearby locations can be made by public transport, such as the train. The fact that countries are small makes it possible to get to know them better in less time.

Another advantage is the historic component of the European continent, with a series of ancient architectural constructions. The cost of living is higher and the currencies of the most common exchange destinations on the European continent are more expensive. Some exchanges are as follows:

Exchange in the UK 2022:

The United Kingdom is a group of islands located northwest of the European continent, which includes the following countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

For those who want to learn English, an exchange in UK is a way to study the language with the accent popular in films like Harry Potter. As for higher education, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels,

Exchange in Ireland 2022:

Ireland is the third largest island in Europe, with a total area of ​​70,284 km² and around 4.7 million peoples. Each year, the country receives a greater number of visitors than the entire population itself: there are approximately 6.5 million tourists visiting annually.

For those considering an exchange program in Ireland, the country offers good options for universities and courses. Other positives are the lower cost of living and more flexible immigration laws than in other European countries.

Studying in North America 2022:

The main exchange destinations in North America are the United States and Canada, although Mexico is also part of the continent. As in Europe, there is no lack of options for destinations with beautiful natural landscapes.

Exchange in Canada 2022:

A variety of environments to suit all tastes are the highlights of an exchange student experience in Canada. The country is the second largest in the world by total area and was once considered the most admired in the world North America or Europe exchange on both continents. To being a more economical alternative to the devalued real, Canada is recognized for its huge investments in education. This is because students have a very strong infrastructure, with health, safety and transport.

The country offers more than 11,000 undergraduate and graduate programs in 96 public and private universities. There are also numerous language schools and technical courses.

Exchange in the USA 2022:

The English spoken in the United States is the most popular. it is essential to consider that the large extension opens up a range of different options for students, which vary according to the profile and the objective of the exchange.

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