Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
New Scholarships in Victoria university

New Scholarships in Victoria university in Australia, offers a range of undergraduate scholarships for international students. There is no separate registration; all you need to do is apply for a bachelor’s degree course at the institution to be automatically considered based on your academic performance and general selection criteria.

The Victoria University

Victoria University (VU) is a federally funded public university in Australia. With campuses in Melbourne and Sydney, it was named among the top 120 youngest institutions in the world and seeks to provide students with a welcoming, inclusive and modern learning experience.

Victoria was the first university in Australia to adopt this teaching methodology and, according to the institution’s data; international students perform particularly well, with a passing average of 92.5%. Victoria University offers everything from preparatory and vocational programs to undergraduate and graduate degrees. And there are a number of scholarships for all types of courses available at the university. In fact, hundreds of international students get some form of financial aid every year. some of Victoria University’s scholarships

VU International Scholarship

VU International Scholarships are equivalent to a 12% discount for the entire duration of the course. Students must be selected for a higher education degree; bachelor’s or professional postgraduate degree at Victoria’s Melbourne campus to be eligible for the scholarship. The VU International Scholarship is not valid for English courses, preparatory programs, vocational education and training VET and postgraduate research. Students will be automatically evaluated after submitting their application for one of the eligible courses.

VU Global Leaders Scholarship

The VU Global Leaders Scholarships provide a 25% discount for the entire duration of a Victorian higher education degree, professional undergraduate or postgraduate degree, taught at the Melbourne campus. The university seeks candidates who demonstrate leadership skills. The VU Global Leaders Scholarship is also not valid for English courses, preparatory programs, vocational education and training VET and postgraduate research.

Pathway to Victoria Scholarship

The Pathway to Victoria Scholarship is a scholarship funded by the state government of Victoria through the Study Melbourne initiative. Available to a limited number of new international students, it is valid for those who purchase a study package at Victoria University in Melbourne.

  • Preparatory: English course, preparatory program or higher education diploma;
  • Main course: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

The scholarship is equivalent to a one time discount of up to a $2,600 on the value of the main course.

VU Future Leaders Scholarship

The VU Future Leaders Scholarship gives a 25% discount on the value of the first two semesters of a Victorian professional higher education, undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Melbourne. Applicants must confirm that they wish to be considered for this scholarship at the time they submit their VU application. Qualification can only be assessed after the candidate has fulfilled the necessary admission requirements for the chosen course. Upon successful completion of two semesters, students have the chance to renew their scholarship and earn a 15% discount. For this, they will be evaluated on the basis of academic performance during the first year of studies.

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