Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
New Scholarships in SingaporešŸ˜Š

New Scholarships in SingaporešŸ˜Š the Singapore government has recently announced the SINGA scholarship program for international students, this scholarship is fully funded and covers all tuition fees and living expenses. Singa scholarship the Singapore international graduate award is a collaboration between the agency for science technology and research.

The Singapore university of technology and design and the Singapore management university Ph.D. training will be carried out in English students will be supervised by distinguished and world-renowned researchers in these labs upon successful completion students will be conferred a Ph.D. degree. community of international students you will be working in a multicultural environment alongside distinguished and world-renowned researchers in the state of the art facilities.


Before starting the application process there are a few things we need to know the first thing is we have to pick our research area so to pick your research area you have to click here and there are a lot of research projects with supervisors so you have to pick one, for example, let us see biomedical science projects project so you have to see the topic here you can get the description of the project and you can also find supervisor here with an email address so this is the first step.


Then we have to take the eligibility criteria for this scholarship it’s open for application for all international graduates with a passion for research and excellent academic results. So it’s open for all it needs good skills in written and spoken English it needs good reports from academic referees, so you need a good recommendation later the above eligibility criteria are not exhaustive either may include additional selection criteria based on prevailing scholarship policies.

These policies may be amended from time to time without notice we have to also see the coverage of this scholarship. Let us see the application procedure here is the application procedure the first step is you have to browse Ph.D. research projects so you need to know the projects and you have to pick


This is a fully funded scholarship for international students, this scholarship covers living expenses and also gives pocket money for the students and there is also a settlement loan for the students. Singapore government gives full accommodation to the students they also provide the best faculty and many other facilities to the students and also provide the best environment to the students. Singapore universities are also ranked in the world’s top listed universities.


Documents required are to prepare the following documents in advance before applying so there is no need to send a hard copy document. All necessary document documents are to be submitted online.

you need also a valid passport.

a recent passport size photo, a transcript

reports from your previous study

All transcripts need to be in English translation so it’s mandatory for your battles or masters transcripts, if you haven’t completed or if your battles certificates or letter of certification from the university on your candidate. if your degree certificate or score has not yet been covered you need two recommendation related reports and it must be strong and it is completed and submitted online by referees .

There is no need to scan your recommendation letters applicants applying for any we supervisors or projects are required. To submit your GRE scores in your single application form for all other applicants you may be requested by the university to submit satisfactory GRE is core as part of the university admission requirements the submission for its TOEFL.


The last date of submission is 1st December 2022.


Singapore scholarship is available for nationalities of all countries. Singapore has offered the best scholarships for international students they also give pocket money to the students and facilitate students in any way. Singapore is also the cheapest country for living and its universities are ranked among the world’s top universities.

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