Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
New Scholarships in Japan

New Scholarships in Japan😊 the Japanese government has recently announced scholarships for international students from developing countries. There are different types of scholarships offered by the Japanese government for international students the students who had a dream and are willing to study in Japan are becoming fulfilled by this scholarship program.


The ministry of education culture sports science and technology of the Japanese government, the regular scholarship of MEXT for undergrad student actually pays which is 117k yen Japanese dollar per month so it’s actually pretty good deal for students, who want to study abroad in japan and for undergrad students that is actually plenty for you and since students study abroad in japan.

The international students in japan can also work part-time for 20 hours a week so that’s actually plenty for you. If you want to study abroad in japan without like you know if your family isn’t that well off or anything .So we would recommend the mex scholarship as well, but it’s very hard to get because other than the interview, you also have tests and also a lot of processes.


JASSO scholarship the first one for the privately financed international students the ones for four-year University. you get to experience the local culture of different local prefectures in japan as well so we would definitely recommend you to do that as well and then for that sense.


How you can apply for the scholarship program then you can apply by submitting all the documents required above and that’s it so after clicking on the country list you are directed to this link it has all the information about your embassies or consulates for mext Japanese government. Scholarship program with application link so let’s look into this link the regions with Japanese government scholarship program covers our Asia, pacific, North America, Latin America, Caribbean Europe, middle east and Africa so these are the masses and consulates in Asia.


Japan is the best country having top-listed universities in the world japan is one of the countries that offer the best scholarship program for international students and also provides monthly pocket money to the students for their living. Japan also provides the best environment to the students and also permits part-time jobs. Here you can check other countries scholarships at scholarshiphive


New Scholarships in Japan the Japanese government has recently announced a scholarship program for international students, japan is listed among one of the best countries for education Japanese universities are listed as the world’s top universities Japan’s government also gives permission for part-time jobs and they also give pocket money to the scholarship holder students.

Japan offers two scholarships program one is government base and the second is a private scholarship program. The students who want to study abroad are the best chance for the students to take benefit from this scholarship program and have a bright future. This scholarship aims to develop countries’ students the students get their higher studies from japan and plays role in the development of their own countries.

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