Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023
New MBA Program in USA at Isenberg School of Business

New MBA Program in USA at Isenberg School of Business, MBA in the USA is the desire of many people who want to pursue a career in different areas. The Isenberg School of Management, the business school at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, offers the opportunity to pursue an MBA in the USA with all fees paid.

What is an MBA?

MBA is the acronym for Master of Business Administration, It is a type of postgraduate course that has become very popular in recent years.

The idea of ​​the MBA is to offer theoretical and practical training in management and it can have a more general focus or be focused on specific areas, such as finance, marketing and others. This type of course normally lasts two years, but in some cases it can also be one year. During this period, students also develop soft skills and leadership skills that are important for running a business.

One of the interesting aspects of the MBA is that it often brings together students from different fields of study. That is, people graduate in a specific area and then seek training in business to have a foundation to manage companies or organizations in that area. Doing an MBA in the US is the ambition of many people, as it was there that this type of postgraduate course appeared for the first time. Currently, business schools at virtually all universities offer the course modality.

How to Apply for UMass Amherst US MBA?

As for the deadline, there are different application rounds for the MBA in the USA:

  • Early Action:    November 1st;
  • Round 1:          December 1st;
  • Round 2:         February 1st;
  • Round 3:       April 1st (US candidates only).

In addition, applications for the MBA in the USA must be made online, on the UMass Amherst website. Interested applicants must complete the Graduate Admissions Online Application and attach the required documentation:

  1. Motivation letter;
  2. Resume;
  3. School Records;
  4. diplomas;
  5. Recommendation letters;

After analyzing the documents, candidates will be invited to participate in an interview to talk about their professional and academic experiences.

Requirements to enter the MBA in the USA 2023

According to the course website, students who successfully apply for the UMass Amherst US MBA are talented, engaged, innovative and conscientious. It is not necessary to have previous training in business administration to apply, as candidates from different areas are accepted. However, all applicants must have an undergraduate degree and a minimum of three years’ work experience. It is not mandatory to submit the result of one of these tests, as you can also increase your chances by submitting materials that demonstrate strong professional experience and academic achievements.

Isenberg School of Business?

The Isenberg School of Business is the business school of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The institution is attentive to changes in the business sector and aims to train efficient and inclusive leaders, agents of necessary changes in the world. The school’s courses are accredited by AACSB International, a non-profit association that connects educators, students and businesses to build a new generation of leaders. The school has undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees. In addition, it offers the possibility for students to study face-to-face, online or through a mixed format.

Currently, the institution, which is committed to promoting a diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment, has more than 4,000 undergraduate students and 1,700 graduate students. Among the courses offered by the Isenberg School of Business is the MBA in the USA. The program has a strong emphasis on experiential and collaborative learning and, like the other courses, it is possible to take it online or on-campus with the same curriculum. During the first year of the course, students participate in a core curriculum designed to provide a wide range of business-related topics and skills. This includes subjects such as Business Intelligence and Statistics, Marketing Strategy and Corporate Finance.

In the second year of the UMass Amherst US MBA, students take advanced courses and more specialized electives. At that point, they can choose to follow a focus area to hone their skills. Among the possibilities are:

  1. MBA in Finance;
  2. MBA in Data Analytics;
  3. MBA in Marketing Analytics
  4. MBA in Management and Entrepreneurship;
  5. MBA in Health Management.

In addition, Isenberg offers a career development program. This includes leadership mentoring sessions with coaches and professional development workshops throughout the duration of the MBA.

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