Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023
New Fully Funded Program­čśŐ

New Fully Funded Program­čśŐ great news for students who wants paid internships because FAO provide this oppurtunity. FAO┬á is the agency of the united nations that work to defeat hunger and improve nutrition and food security all over the world. FAO moto is fiat pains which means ‘lets there be bread’ it was founded in October 1945.


FAO (food and agriculture organization) has recently announced an internship for the newly graduated, undergraduate, and master’s students to train them for their future. The candidate must be from an FAO member country. FAO internship program 2022 a fully funded program fao stands for food and agriculture organization another exciting news from the united nations.

The applications are open to apply for the fao internship program 2022, the fao is a specialized agency of the united nations it stands for food and agricultural organization they have opened an internship portal for all international undergraduate master and recent graduate candidate can be from any nationality. In addition to its headquarters in rome fao works in over 130 countries worldwide fao is under united nations. You can check more free programs at scholarshiphive

Fao offers a paid internship undergraduate graduate a postgraduate degree in different fields are welcome to contribute by their knowledge and gain practical experience in their field of interest. The fao internship program is a learning opportunity you can apply for any duty station across any country there is no need for any language tests like IELTS OR TOFELthe duration of an internship assignment is between 3 and 11 months can month candidates should be aged between 21 and 30. At the start of the internship the host organization is fao and for undergraduate graduate and postgraduate students financial coverage fully funded  and the deadline is known title means the different positions have their different deadlines.





DEADLINE: There is no deadline


The FAO-selected candidates will get a monthly stipend of about 700 us dollars and will get a chance to work with highly experienced employees and will gain fruit full experience.


  • Interns will receive a monthly stipend of 700 us dollars, in this amount inters will easily manage other expenses.
  • medical insurance related to services will be provided.


  • Applicant must be from an FAO member country.
  • Applicants must be graduates, undergraduates, or have done their Master’s degree
  • Applicant must have a fluent grip on the English language.
  • Applicants must have good communication skills and know basic computer skills.
  • age of the applicant must be from 21 to 30


When you open their official website and click on apply, you will go through the following application process.

For new user registration, you have to put your email address and then make a password then the entered password and then you re-enter your email address and register yourself so in this way, you can register yourself after registering yourself go to the application

first of all, you have to put my personal information in which personal details like

  • Addresses
  • Contact details
  • Education skills
  • Then language skills and other languages
  • Current or last fao assignment details

Then save and continue it so after putting all your personal information then go to the education section where you have to put your all databases related to your education then implement history then certification and licenses additional information file you have to attach the files then you have to answer a few questions then review your application and then submit your application form and if you are eligible and you want to do an internship with fao program then must apply for this internship program.

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