Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

Huawei Free Online Courses 2023–24 are open to applications from people who want to learn new skills for free. This is the best chance International Students from all over the world have ever had. Huawei Learn has started many free online courses for students and teachers. In the Huawei Free Online Courses 2023-2024, both men and women can apply and sign up for free.

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There are more than 250 online courses from Huawei. Huawei made these courses so that they can help millions of students and teachers. All of the lectures will be online, and Huawei’s top experts will be giving them. There are free online courses for a wide range of subjects. Closed Schools and Universities? Don’t worry, you can learn the skills tech companies want from the comfort of your own home with 100+ free online courses that you can take at your own pace. All of the courses are free of charge.

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Details about Huawei’s free online courses for 2023-2024:

Provided by: Huawei
Total No. of Courses: 250+
Course Fee: Free of Cost
Eligible nationality: All Nationalities
Access Mode: Online
Last Date: Opened Now

Benefits Huawei Free Online Course:

Students from anywhere in the world can sign up for these Huawei Online Courses 2023–24.
Learn what you want to learn online.
The candidates can talk with other students.
Have a quiz after one episode.

About Huawei & Huawei Online Courses:

Huawei is one of the world’s top tech companies. It makes smart devices and infrastructure for information and communication technology. Huawei works in more than 170 countries and helps more than a billion people.
During COVID-19, Huawei wants to make sure that learning never stops. As part of our Learn ON program, Huawei is bringing together university professors, UNESCO experts, and the best ways to make education less affected by the pandemic.
Huawei’s Learn ON Program will give students access to high-quality learning materials on an open platform and give them money to help them prepare for school.

  • Variety of high-quality online courses (250+ Chinese and English)
  • 5G Network and Applications
  • Principles and Applications of Cloud Computing
  • Python Programming Basics
  • Internet of Things Technology and Applications
  • Data Management and Analysis Course
  • Routing & Switching
  • WLAN
  • Security
  • IoT
  • 5G
  • Transmission
  • Access
  • LTE
  • Datacom
  • Storage
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Service
  • Big Data
  • AI
  • Data Center
  • Intelligent Computing
  • Network Energy
  • GaussDB

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How to Sign Up for Free Online Courses from Huawei?

To sign up for the Huawei Online Courses 2023-24, you can use an Online Application System. You have to sign up for some free classes. Here is the link to the official website:


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