Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023
How to write simple Research proposal

How to write simple Research proposal, Before you start working on your doctoral or master project, you will need to write a research proposal. A short  5 to 10 pages article that discusses your research topic. The exact format of a research proposal may vary from discipline, the overall outline includes:

  • Introduction,
  • problem statement
  • methodology,
  • literature review,
  • research questions and objectives,
  • expected results,
  • implications and contributions

A research proposal determines whether should continue working on that particular project and whether supervisor supports it. How to write simple Research proposal, It must be clear, well written, and convincing it will make a sufficient contribution to the available literature. You need to show as possible that the project is worth working on and is expected to bring promising results. Concepts, ideas and frameworks are refined.

  • You will also need clear research objectives and questions that are relevant, accurate, and researchable. This means that they must compare your problem statement and demonstrate how they will solve the problems discussed. They would also have to solve the main problem in this area and they should be available in previous articles so that you can use them in your literature review.

Once you have completed your research proposal, you will need to defend it in front of a panel of experts in the same field. If you managed to convince them that your work is promising and they were happy with your offer, you begin your formal process of writing a doctoral dissertation. This is a lengthy process that takes three to five years, depending on the topic you are interested in. You will use your original proposal as a guide for the first few months of your research work. Check here

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