Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
How to write a letter of recommendation for an internship

How to write a letter of recommendation for an internship, If someone asks you to write a letter of recommendation for a internship program, must keep some points in mind which are the following steps:

  • Before you start writing, try to communicate with the applicant. In this conversation, ask questions about the program, their research proposal, their scholarship interests, and other questions that can help you write a more effective letter. You can use this information to determine the type of content you include in your email body.

Address the email:

Sometimes a single person is in charge of the fellowship program, and sometimes a whole committee reviews candidates. It is best to list the name of one person or address the entire committee. This demonstrates that you are aware of the admission process and have made an effort to understand the specific scholarship program.

Write an introduction:

In the introduction of your letter, you can include information about your relationship with the student. This may include how you know the applicant, how long you have known the applicant and your general impressions of the applicant. Your submission will help the admissions committee understand why you are qualified to speak on behalf of the applicant. In addition, it allows you to express your professional and academic merit. A careful introduction can set a solid foundation for the rest of the letter of recommendation.

Write main paragraphs:

Letters of recommendation usually take one to one and a half pages. A longer letter can show employers that you have a lot of good things to say about the applicant. The main paragraphs of the letter may include a description of the candidate’s past work, why you think they are a good fit for a scholarship program or an explanation of their personality traits that contribute to their strength as a student. The main paragraphs contain the main body of your recommendation.

Write a conclusion:

This paragraph summarizes the main details of the letter and the reasons why you are making a strong recommendation. Finally, you can invite the admissions committee to contact you if they have any further questions. This demonstrates your willingness to vouch for the candidate beyond the content of the letter of recommendation.


Before mailing a letter, it is important to proofread it carefully. Proofreading can help you confirm that you have written the details correctly and have included all the necessary information. If you write a lot of student recommendation letters, proofreading can help you stay organized throughout the process and there is a lot of chances to get you hired.

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