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How students can work in Germany

How students can work in Germany, Germany’s economy is suitable for finding part-time jobs, especially for students who need extra income. As you begin your job search, you will come across many possible positions, so it is important to find the right position to suit your skills and needs.

Fulltime work vs. part time work:

Many students prefer to work full-time between semesters, or on vacation, leaving semester time free to study. In the summer, tourism-related jobs multiply, allowing you to enjoy the sights and earn a supplementary income. Others like to find part time jobs to support themselves during the course. That way you can have a regular income and it’s easier to calculate the total hours to avoid going over the official limits.

  • For starters, don’t worry about working while you study. It’s quite routine in Germany, especially among international students, and there must be plenty of opportunities to consider.

Some of the most common jobs for students in Germany

Here are just a few part time student jobs that are often available to foreign residents:

  • Catering : Whether serving food at corporate events or just joining the wait staff at a local restaurant, the food and beverage industry is a huge student employer.
  • Academic positions: Possibly the best way to work for aspiring academics, research assistant positions and postgraduate professor positions can develop your skills and income at the same time.
  • Retail: Germany’s brick and mortar retail sector often calls for employees, with flexible hours and discounts available as attractive perks.

Easy to get a part time work in Germany:

It’s usually pretty easy to find a job, but you may need to look for exactly the right location, salary, and job title. It is also important to choose a type of job that fits your studies.

Rules for exchange students working in Germany

As usual in Germany, there are established rules about how students work. It is important to know them, as making a mistake can significantly increase your insurance and tax expenses.

International students work in Germany:

Exchange students coming from outside the EU are limited to 120 full days or 245 semester days per year, either during school term or during holidays. it’s important to know the difference between full and half days.

How many hours constitute a full time work?

In Germany, a full working day is defined as 8 hours, with full workweeks comprising 40 hours. This means that students can work 2.5 full days a week during term time. Outside of term, full-time work is perfectly fine, just remember the yearly total.

How many hours constitute part-time work?

Under German law, anything under the definition of a full week is defined as part-time. So if you work less than 20 hours a week, this is classified as part time.

How many days can a student work in Germany?

  • Student trainee positions are a vital part of entering the German job market.
  • If you go this route, you will need a work visa from the local German embassy. It is also essential to obtain permission to start a trainee position at the Federal Employment Agency, so be sure to fill out the necessary paperwork.
  • Internships are assessed as regular jobs concerning taxes and hours. This applies to both paid and unpaid trainee positions, so it is advisable to save a little money before starting your internship.

How to find student jobs in Germany?

When looking for an intern position at your university, it is probably best to consult with your HR office or faculty secretary. There should also be an online list of open positions. If you’re looking for a side job near your accommodation or university, online sites like app jobs or Young Capital have up-to-date listings.

How much is a good salary for a student job in Germany?

The minimum wage regulations apply €9.5 per hour. In more qualified student positions, pay ranges from €10-20 per hour. The buffet and coffee service will pay something around the minimum. There are no minimum pay rules for working online. It is a good supplement to study and without which many students would not be able to continue with their studies.

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