Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023
Hardware Engineering Internship 2023

Hardware Engineering Internship 2023, Its a good opportunity for seekers who need internship, because there is an opportunity of Hardware Engineering. In this session applicant are able to understand and work on hardware engineering with good and high reputed peoples and teams.

Applicant work closely with engineers to improve hardware problems to meet Google standards of quality and reliability so that users behave with good feedback. Visit for more info google apprenticeship program

Responsibilities of Intern:

  1. Responsibilities is vary accordingly with teams.
  2. To manage all the things at time and work with team.
  3. Cooperate and support the team.
  4. Outcome from problems and provide the solution.


  • Need experience in the following department:
  1. Wireless Communications
  2. Signal and Power Integrity
  3. RF System Validation
  4. Memory Systems
  5. Design methodology
  6. ASIC Physical Design
  7. Bluetooth
  8. Computer Architecture
  9. Embedded Systems
  10. Digital Design Verification
  11. Digital Circuits
  12. Hardware System Integration
  13. Product Design and manage
  14. Microarchitecture
  15. Electronic Design Automation
  16. FPGAs
  17. Hardware and Software
  18. Emulation
  19. IT
  20. Technical
  • A degree in Computer Engineering, IT Field, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering.

Dead line: ongoing

High Qualifications:

  1. Grip with board layout, Hardware Test, Systems Integration.
  2. Experience on working with hardware projects and related projects.
  3. Knowledge with wireless communication interfaces and Telecommunication.
  4. Available to work full time for of 12 weeks outside of university time in one day.
  5. Good behavior with fellows and team.

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