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Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Scholarship

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Scholarship for Overseas Students: HUFS is one of the top three schools in Korea offering Korean language study and has the largest number of students world. HUFS is consistently ranked among the top universities in Korea for its reputation and quality of teaching. HUFS strives to provide students with an excellent education, preparing them for life as global citizens and enhancing their understanding of Asian countries,  and cultures.

The Faculty of Asian and African Studies in this Scholarship:

  1. The International Graduate School, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies;
  2. The Institute of Korean Language and Culture;
  3. The Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Intercultural Communication;
  4. Korean Institute for Maritime and Environmental Protection;
  5. The Graduate School of Human and Social Sciences;
  6. The Faculty of Education;
  7. The Faculty of Business Administration;
  8. Korea Research Institute for Science and Technology;

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies is an excellent university that provides educational opportunities for international students. More opportunities at scholarshiphive

Eligibility Criteria for (HUFS)

HUFS Overseas Student Scholarship, all admitted students must:

  • Be a non Korean citizen, applicants from countries where Korean is the official or primary language are not eligible for this scholarship.
  •  Bank statements showing current funds available to use for tuition and living expenses in Korea. Students who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher are not eligible for this scholarship program
  • Students who are not US citizens must provide official documentation of their immigration status to HUFS prior to beginning their program of study upon admission to HUFS.
  • Candidates must have an overall GPA of at least 2.1 and a minimum grade point average (GPA) of B in all preparation courses.

HUFS Scholarship for Foreign Students

The scholarship will cover the cost of tuition, room, and meals of up to $60,000. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) Student Scholarship is designed for undergraduate students who come from abroad and plan to enroll in Korean language courses at Hankuk University as part of their studies.

Documents Required for Overseas Students (HUFS):

The following documents are:

  • Candidacy form
  • Official transcripts (national/international)
  • Supporting documents (for proof of recommendation / letter of intent)
  • Proof that the candidate is sufficiently fluent in English
  • Proof of being a high school graduate or proof that you have completed your associate degree with recognized qualifications or are in progress
  • A copy of your passport photo page
  • Two letters of recommendation, need to be from people who know you well and have teaching experience.
  • Tuition Settlement Documents for Korean Universities
  • A letter of intent that explains why you are applying for the scholarship and what you intend to study at HUFS

Additional documents (in the case of applicants who have already obtained a better scholarship in another country)

  1. Documents about personal data such as family history and personal career.
  2. A letter of consent from the sponsor, if applying for a private scholarship.
  3. A certificate from the South Korean Ministry of Justice proving that you have no criminal record.
  4. An official transcript for your current studies, if applicable.
  5. A copy of your passport photo page and a copy of your passport information page.
  6. The essay question is written in English .
  7. Courses Available for the Scholarship for Overseas Students.

The courses available to foreign students are as follow:

  1. English for business.
  2. Money and bank.
  3. Economy for International Tourism.
  4. Quantitative Economics and Econometrics.
  5. International trade.
  6. Data analysis and regression analysis.
  7. Economics for International Business.
  8. Management of International Organizations.
  9. International Business Communication.
  10. English for Newcomers to Korea.
  11. Urban Development and Planning.
  12. International Marketing and Sales.
  13. Management Economics.
  14. Economic Statistics and Data Analysis I.
  15. Business Strategy.
  16. International Trade Theory.
  17. International policy.
  18. Economia Industrial.
  19. Financial Management.
  20. Strategy for entering the international market.
  21. Comparative Economic Systems.
  22. Macroeconomic Theory, Money and Banks.
  23. Business Consulting.
  24. Information Economics Seminar.

Benefits of studying at (HUFS) :

Some benefits are as follow:

  • English curriculum taught by native teachers.
  • Korea centers of business, technology and cultural industry.
  • University rankings are consistently among the top 50 universities in the world.
  • A wide range of courses and specialties for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • A school with a rich tradition of excellence in international languages, international relations and diplomacy.

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