Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
Hamad Bin Khalifa University ScholarshipšŸ˜Š

Hamad Bin Khalifa University ScholarshipšŸ˜Š the Hamad bin Khalifa scholarship or haiku scholarship is a fully funded scholarship from Ahmad bin Khalifa University. It is for undergraduate masters and doctoral degree programs Hamad bin Khalifa University is a Khatri public university in Doha. The university or the country’s capital Baku is a top-ranked institution all expenses will be covered, it is important to note that you are not in need to take the IELTS exam you can study without IELTS exam if your institution language is not English you must take IELTS exam otherwise you can receive an English language proficiency these are some of the details the university the course level the financial courage the deadline.


The financial cover so everything is almost covered so the available fields and programs are available for bachelor’s masters and Ph.D. degree programs and the list of these programs are as follows

  • They have a college of Islamic Studies College of humanities offering master’s Ph.D.
  • masters in the Ph.D. college of science and engineering offer bachelor’s masters
  • D. programs college of law and the college of health and life sciences


The eligibility criteria are international students oracle 3 national for ambassadors and degree, you must have a secondary school for masters you must have a BS degree for Ph.D. you must have an MS degree you can take all its traffic or are among the other tests where needed or required and additional requirement varies from department to department , the IELTS staff of the applicants must complete this studies in English and if they have completed their studies in English then you are exempted for from English and if you are coming from an English background or of English speaking country then obviously you are accepted from this requirement.


The deadline for international students to apply for the Hamad bin Khalifa university scholarship in Qatar 2022 is NOVEMBER 1st 2022 and for Katri, students are OCTOBER 15 2022.


Azerbaijan government scholarship the country’s Azerbaijan and the course level that will become covered under this scholarship are undergraduate. Masters and doctoral courses so postgraduate will be also covered under this and financial coverage is fully funded deadline for this opportunity, first of October 2022 so you have almost four months left to apply for this particular scholarship here are also financial benefits mentioned and list of scholarships. Scholarship list of countries and the university list in the country and eligibility criteria eligible countries are also mentioned so you have to check if your country is mentioned in nem or oic regions so you can check the selection process there will be a Skype enter with just a formality.


Following are the required documents

The passport photograph and you can check proof of English is not mandatory so if you don’t have IELTS and certifications you can skip that and you can apply without that.


You can submit your application form with other supporting documents. Check all the criteria for yourself and apply for your desire internship.

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