Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
Generation Google Scholarship 2022/2023

Generation Google Scholarship 2022/2023, The Generation Google Scholarship aims to provide financial support for students. This support aims to help students who face financial challenges to fulfill their academic dreams. There are well funded scholarships in 2023.

The Generation Google Scholarship

At Google, it is believed that information should be universally accessible. In this way, Google Education and Scholarship programs aim to inspire and help students become future leaders. And that’s in computing and technology. Visit at google apprenticeship program

The Google Generation Scholarship was established to help aspiring computer scientists excel in technology.

Generation Scholarship Benefits

Selected students will receive $10,000. However, this is for anyone studying in the United States. Those studying in Canada will receive 5,000 CAD.

Categories that is eligible for registration

It is important that you pay close attention to the following classes of people who are eligible to apply.

  • To be eligible to apply for Google Scholarship the candidate must:
  • Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at a university.
  • Next Generation Google Scholarship for Current College Students.
  • you must demonstrate passion for computer science and technology.
  • you must have a strong track record of academic performance.

Google Scholarship for Current High School Student Generation

To be eligible to apply for Generation Google Scholarship Applicant must:

  • Currently in their final year of high school.
  • ¬†Accepted as a full-time student at a university in the United States or Canada.
  • you must have a strong track record of academic performance.
  • Must be available to attend the Google Computer Science Summer Institute in the summer.
  • Please send it to this email¬† [email protected] for a proper response.
  • Google is happy to answer any questions directly related to the Google Generation Scholarship as soon as possible.
  • Keep in mind Google may not respond to spam, restriction messages.

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