Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023
Free study in Europe

Free study in Europe, Finland is one of the nations with the best quality of education and life in the world, students do not pay tuition fees. Most commonly, they receive salary or scholarships while working as researchers. For master and undergraduate courses, both public and private institutions have been charging tuition fees since the second half of 2017. Even so, in some cases, it is possible to be exempt from these fees.

And even if you have to pay, there are also scholarship opportunities for institutions in the country. They need to be verified at every university, and for every course. The student will need to pay for his, her expenses.  these expenses vary between 710 and 1000 euros per month. But the country allows non-European university students to work 26 hours a week during term time, which can help.

Study for free (or almost) in Sweden

As in Finland, foreign students in Sweden do not have to pay tuition fees for doctoral programs. The most common is that they receive a salary or, at least, a scholarship. In the case of undergraduate or master’s programs, these fees may apply. Even so, the Study in Sweden website shows a list of universities offering scholarships for foreign students. The cost of living in the country, in turn, is around 700 and 1100 euros per month including food, accommodation, and transport.

Study for free (or almost) in Iceland

The country has seven universities, four of which are public. And in them, according to QS, there are no tuition fees just an administrative registration fee, which costs about $700 a year. Converting and taking the average, it gives about R$300 per month to study at an Icelandic university. The cost of living in the country can be prohibitive, even considering the low prices paid to study. There are, at least two universities that award scholarships to international students

Studying for little money in Spain

As in many other countries, universities in Spain are divided between public and private, with approximately one third of them being public. And in these institutions, it is possible to obtain a degree for a price comparable to that of private universities.

  • At public universities such as the University of Barcelona, ​​the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and the Autonomous University of Madrid, undergraduate courses are between €760 and €2,400 per year.

It is still necessary to enter the cost of living into this calculation. In cities like Madrid and Barcelona, ​​it is not cheap, being more expensive than in capitals. There are also public universities in cities in the interior of the country, such as the University of Valencia and the University of Granada. And in these other cities, the cost of living is much lower.

Postgraduate in France

France has over 79-degree courses in English, but most are offered by private universities and are often expensive. For those looking for a postgraduate degree, there are very attractive prices. According to the French government, university students need 810 euros a month to support themselves while studying in the country. International students can work up to 974 hours a year in France, which corresponds to 62% of the workload of a person with a full-time job.

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