Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
Exchange program in Australia

Exchange program in Australia, to study in Australia is to develop fluency in English; the country offers a variety of study options for foreign students, with more than 1,300 institutions and 23,000 language courses. The government guarantees the quality of education based on the Educational Services for Overseas Students Act and the National Code of Good Practices for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training for Overseas Students. Both provide nationally homogeneous standards for education and training providers for international students

Australia Education System 2022

Exchange program in Australia, officially, there are 13 years of basic education, from kindergarten to high school, in Australia, the obligation to study only goes up to year 10 of High School with years 11 and 12 being optional and intended for those who intend to study at a university. In these two years, students can direct their studies to the areas in which they wish to deepen.

For those leaving school in year nine, there are two options: professional internships, or the College, which offers vocational and technical courses. One of the advantages of this modality is that it provides a certificate or diploma that, despite being less valuable than a university degree has great recognition both inside and outside Australia.

Undergraduate Exchange 2022

it is possible to try to take advantage of some credits, but first it is necessary to check if the institution where you study is recognized in Australia. An option for those who are leaving high school and want to enter directly into Australian universities are the Foundation Courses. These are courses in which students who do not meet the necessary conditions to enter university studies can enroll and which allow the reservation of a provisional place in the desired studies. If the required requirements are matched or exceeded during the course, the reserved place is obtained.

Postgraduate and Research

Postgraduate courses in Australia have a modular structure, generally consisting of three modules Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and Master. The postgraduate course known as Master is divided into two types, Master by Coursework and Master by Research which has a period of research. In Australia there are also Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses, which are highly sought after by executives or management professionals interested in deepening their knowledge of the business environment.

The Doctorate course or PhD is based on research. It offers the opportunity for the academic to advance his studies in a specific area and to develop investigations that make an original contribution in his area of ​​study. They range from total tuition fee waivers to scholarships that cover country student expenses.

The Government of Australia also has a renowned scholarship program the opportunity to study at all expenses paid at the best institutions in the country. Applications open every year around March and close in June in 2023.

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