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Engineering universities in Poland 2022

Engineering universities in Poland 2022, In Poland, there are also 5 private universities, which are recognized as technical. So, if you want to study in Poland and get a higher technical education, students can get the admission in it and brighten their future.

Education at a technical university in Poland

Polytechnics in Poland are technical higher education institutions that focus on interdisciplinary areas of study, providing an opportunity to obtain professional titles engineer and master of engineering, as well as scientific degrees: doctor of technical sciences. To receive the title of engineer, a student must study for three and a half years, the title of master engineer another one and a half. If you want to scholarship then check scholarshiphive

Technical universities, according to their characteristics, educate students in:

  • technical disciplines
  • urban planning
  • construction
  • electronics
  • electrical engineering
  • geodesy and cartography
  • computer science
  • chemical engineering
  • materials engineering
  • environmental engineering
  • biocybernetics and biomedical
  • engineering
  • construction
  • and operation of machines
  • including architecture
  • automation and robotics
  • mining
  • mechanics
  • mechatronics
  • metallurgy
  • chemical technology
  • telecommunications
  • transport
  • textiles

Polish technical universities are considered among the best in the world. We can meet their graduates who work on the best technology projects not only in Poland but also in other countries of the world. Education in polytechnics is valued for innovation and practical knowledge gained during the period of study.

Requirements and conditions for admission to technical universities in Poland

Getting a technical education in Poland is both prestigious and opens up great prospects for career development. The training itself in these areas is not considered easy, but first, you need to join. Admission to technical universities in Poland has some features and, we emphasize, may differ depending on the university.

Engineering universities in Poland 2022, Firstly entry is based on a certificate of complete secondary education (and an engineering diploma upon admission to a master’s program) and important grades in the main subjects: mathematics, foreign language, physics, computer science, chemistry, and geography. Depending on which faculty you want to study at, the subjects that are taken into account may be slightly different. In addition, some polytechnics require an EIT in these subjects or may conduct tests or interviews in specialized subjects during the entry process.

  • Equally important is the knowledge of the language of instruction. As already mentioned, entry into technical specialties is entry into state universities, and as we know, all state universities require confirmation of the required level of language proficiency. Therefore, if you choose to study in English, you must provide a TOEFL or IELTS certificate at a level of at least B1 or even B2. If you want to study in Polish – level B1-B2 and not just any certificate, but issued by an accredited commission or confirmed by the university itself.

Polytechnic universities in Poland adhere to clear deadlines for submitting applications, drawing up documents, payments, etc. Enrollment usually ends in the first days of July, while at other universities the entry is in full swing.

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