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Design Thinking free course 2022

Design Thinking free course 2022, today, innovation has become everyone business. Whether you are a manager in a large company, a startup entrepreneur, a civil servant, or an elementary school teacher, the ideal is to produce more with the minimum of effort. This is why we all need Design Thinking. At all levels, Design Thinking provides the tools you need to become an innovative thinker and uncover new, previously unsuspected opportunities.

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Design Thinking

This training teaches you how to integrate Design Thinking and creativity into your daily professional practices. You will learn how to stimulate and drive innovation at any stage of development, whether it’s deploying an idea or running a business. The program will also provide you with structured models and techniques that will enable you to become an ‘innovator’ and change-maker within any sector.

This training will allow you to acquire the skills

  • Build your own prototype for a product, service or business structure design,
  • Acquire a “tailor-made” toolbox and a managerial structure¬† to effectively promote creativity in your organization,
  • Lead strategic decision-making on innovation in order to be more competitive,
  • Learn to design and lead a team, project or organization.
  • Training details
  • Beginner level
  • Design Thinking free course 2022
    Design Thinking free course 2022

Design Thinking take a different, effective approach to product development that offers meaningful solutions to meaningful problems. In this MOOC on Design Thinking, you’ll learn how to determine what’s attractive to a user early in the process, to anticipate value, prompting your team to compose user-testable formulations, and creating perspective common.

At the end of this training, you will be able to evaluate and explain the relevance of concepts and practices from agile development methodologies, create a common perspective and value with design methods like personas and scenarios based on a problem. You will also be able to know which software will be attractive to the user and test your ideas using agile user stories and prototypes and facilitate collaborative formulation using user stories and prototypes.

Public innovation and design thinking, social innovation at the service of territories.

Design Thinking is to give you the skills to coordinate a public innovation project based on a service design approach, whatever the field and the context in which you work. Composed of 4 modules, the training offers you a very rich learning experience based both on the expertise of specialists in the subject and on the experience of many public actors in the field, who implement this approach and provide their testimony. in the different sessions.

UX Design 

You will learn divergent ideation methods for solving problems based on creativity, whether it is a simple redesign or a major change in design. digital offer. You will use convergent ideation methods to anchor a new concept in a specific business context, producing innovations that benefit all parties involved: from the project team, to the organization, to external users.

  • This free online training on Design Thinking covers the following aspects:
  • Design approach or user-centered design (UCD);
  • Integration of UX research into the UX design process;
  • Incremental, radical and disruptive innovation;
  • Theory and practice of Design Thinking;
  • Divergent and convergent methods of ideation;
  • Analysis of ideation results.
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This course will introduce you to the Design Thinking process and illustrate best practices for each step. You’ll find it to be an incredibly powerful tool for any field. You will use everything you learn in this course to create your own project. In doing so, you will learn many practical and applicable skills such as user research and rapid prototyping, which will set you apart in your field.

  • In this training, you will learn
  • How to conduct in-depth interviews and other surveys to better understand the user
  • The different ways to synthesize ideas into a coherent and practical product
  • Using simple prototyping tools to quickly iterate designs
  • How to design user interfaces designed to be simple and effective
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Learn about Design Thinking

In this training, you will understand that design is not just a department in a company, but the heart of a more global strategy, centered on the human being, which makes it possible to meet the needs of individuals and to solve problems. sometimes complex issues. Little by little, you will become aware of the importance of design and see how fundamental its approach is to being innovative in your professional life, whatever your branch. You will learn to think like a designer and apply a set of best practices to your everyday projects.

At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Communicate and work with designers
  • Master design vocabulary and best practices
  • Develop your inspiration by sharpening your designer eye
  • Analyze needs to design a suitable product or service
  • Develop your creativity and your ability to innovate
  • Lead team brainstorming workshops
  • Integrate the design thinking approach into your professional projects
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