Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
DAAD new scholarships 2022/2023

DAAD new scholarships 2022/2023, DAAD have an open call for the Joint Program of Scholarships for a sandwich doctorate in Germany. The objective of the partnership is to offer complementary funding to the national scholarship granted by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) to enable a sandwich doctorate in Germany. The first call ends on September 30, 2022. The program is aimed at high-level professors and researchers and aims to consolidate scientific cooperation between the two countries. Scholarships of two to six months will be granted to doctoral students. Students can choose from universities, research institutes, laboratories or libraries to carry out specific research relevant to the development of the doctoral thesis. The benefits offered by the DAAD for the sandwich doctorate scholarship in Germany include: monthly payment of 640 euros, health insurance and air travel. The sandwich doctoral fellowship can last from two to six months and cannot be renewed.

Application forĀ  Scholarships in Germany

Applications for PhD Scholarships in Germany must be made through the DAAD website. The documentation that needs to be attached in PDF to the application is as follows:

  1. Online form;
  2. Curriculum;
  3. List of publications;
  4. Research project;
  5. Research schedule in Germany;
  6. Proof of receipt of a grant from Capes or one of the participating research foundations;
  7. Diploma and transcript of undergraduate and master’s degrees;
  8. Proof of language proficiency;

Proof of admission to the doctoral thesis or certification of the date on which the exam will be taken before the start of the scholarship;

Requirements to participate in the program

DAAD new scholarships 2022/2023, apply for one of the doctoral scholarships in Germany, it is necessary to hold a doctoral scholarship from Capes or one of the participating foundations in Brazil and present the scientific research and have confirmation of orientation in Germany. Another important detail to take into account: at the time of registration, the doctoral student cannot have been living in Germany for more than 14 months. More at scholarshiphive

In addition, applicants cannot have graduated more than six years ago at the time of application. Nor can they have started their doctorate more than three years ago.

It is still necessary to apply within the correct deadline for sandwich doctorate scholarships in Germany, which is September 30, 2022 for research stays between April 2023 and January 2024.

  • All documents need to be translated into English or German.
  • It is also necessary to send the following documentation by mail:
  • Application summary (generated in PDF by the DAAD system);
  • The documentation must arrive by the deadline.

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