Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023
College for free in Ireland

College for free in Ireland, Ireland government Education announced the opening of 11,000 + free places for 275 improvement and qualification courses for students. Free college courses in Ireland are offered within 5 areas that the government has identified in the country:

  1. Digital skills
  2. Management
  3. Soft skill
  4. Leadership
  5. Workplace of the future

The government of Irish provides free college in Ireland for unemployed people to find a job; it fully pays for technical, undergraduate, postgraduate and also for masters courses at universities and educational institutions in 2022. There are also courses to improve the skills of people who are already employed, especially in that may be created by management. The department invested 41.5 million euros for Springboard, and now more than €331 million has been spent on the program. Study for free in Ireland at several educational institutions, among them is universities in Limerick, Cork, Dublin, Galway and the courses in that universities are as follows:

  • Cyber security
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Health innovation
  • Online retail
  • Energy
  • Climate and sustainability
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Creative industries

For enter in the course you have to be enroll after enrolling in the course, you will have access to the status of your submitted applications. There will appear if your application was successful, waiting for your confirmation.

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