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China Fully Funded Scholarships­čśŐ

China Fully Funded Scholarships­čśŐ program in china for masters scholarship and this is from Schwazerman and here are some basic details about this┬á Schwarzman scholars program so the deadline is September and the country is china fully financial college is fully funded.

Schwarzman scholars program is a fully funded one-year masters scholarship all the expenses related to the program will be covered by the host country the program will be held at the senior university of china. Many great Chinese leaders were once a part of this university it has a very good ranking it was rank 15 by the world university rankings and first university in Asia.

To apply candidate must have either bachelor’s or equivalent degree candidate must be 18 to 20 years old and they must submit English language proficiency’s codes the benefits of this program are huge it will provide travel expenses full tuition fees study tours allowance monthly stipend personal laptop for the duration of the scholarship and allowance for the ghost books and comprehensive medical insurance. More scholarships in different countries scholarshiphive


We can check the eligibility criteria all international candidates, as well as Chinese students, are applied eligible to apply and candidates must have bachelor’s or equivalent degrees candidates must be 18-28 years old. They must submit English language preferences score so if you don’t have IELTS so it’s not required there you can just submit your previous degree that it was in English that’s enough.

China Fully Funded Scholarships­čśŐ
China Fully Funded Scholarships­čśŐ


Here are some benefits of this scholarship travel expenses full tuition fee study tour allowance monthly step and a personal laptop for the duration of the scholarship. They will be providing the laptop for you if you are if you don’t have a laptop so you don’t need one to carry.

you can get there free and an allowance for the book courses so books will be also provided and comprehensive medical insurance then the requirements for this are essay resume academic transcripts letter of recommendations and complete online application then the application process is also mentioned.


To apply candidate must visit the official website and sign up we will show you that candidate are instructed to apply for the english language after that after submission the application check your emails.


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