Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023
California Institute of technology scholarships

California Institute of technology scholarships are currently open and accepting application from candidates before deadline. There are many scholarships available to students in the California Institute of technology. These scholarships are for four years and are available for undergraduate students who have good skills in mathematics, scientific research or any other related fields; course level available is undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Scholarship applicants receive a stipend of $1,600 per annum. These scholarships can be renewing for extra three years. Check more opportunities at scholarshiphive


  • Scholarship host country is USA
  • Host University is California institute of technology
  • Program duration is for 2 years
  • Course level available is undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • It is funded by the California institute of technology scholarships

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidate should be able to financial need
  • Candidate should be a California high school senior
  • Candidate may take a maximum of 5 units per summer semester
  • Cover letter 200 words
  • Letter of recommendations


  • Application for Graduate division
  • Application fee is 80$
  • Official transcripts from college attended since high school graduation
  • A statement of purpose by the applicant
  • Letters of recommendation from at least two of your professors


  • Scholarships is available for all students
  • Pays for college tuition
  • Pays other expenses
  • Tuition is eligible for all students
  • Scholarship is renewable for all students.

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