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Apply for an International Postgraduate Scholarship in Japan 2023

Apply for an International Postgraduate Scholarship in Japan 2023, all international students from all over the world can apply for the postgraduate scholarship in Japan. The Japan Graduate Scholarship hosted by the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The scholarship is open to international graduate students of any nationality. The Tokyo Institute of Technology provides this fully funded scholarship and is open for the 2023 academic session. The scholarship is open for application in almost all academic fields, fields and specialties to obtain your postgraduate degree.

Apply for an International Postgraduate Scholarship in Japan 2023, Students can submit their application using the Certificate of Proficiency in English, students who have completed 16 years of education master’s level studies from countries other than the host country or persons whose degree will be completed before the application, international students from any part of the world with any nationality who have obtained diplomatic relations with the host country are invited to apply here.

Apply for an International Postgraduate Scholarship in Japan 2023:

Host University is Tokyo Institute of Technology

Award Country is Study in Japan

Eligible Nationality for both National and International

Available Degree Levels are Masters, Doctoral, Combined

Scholarship Financial Coverage is Fully Funded

Latest date to apply is 16 October 2022.

Fields, Area and Specializations Available under the Japan International Graduate Scholarship 2023.

The scholarship is open to apply in almost all academic fields, fields and specialties to obtain your postgraduate degree. The scholarship will cover all student expenses to complete their undergraduate studies. The University Of Tokyo Institute Of Technology in Japan is offering scholarships in the following academic areas and specializations for Master’s studies, Doctoral studies, as well as combined Master’s and Doctoral studies;

  1. Computer
  2. Building Architecture and Engineering
  3. Social and Human Sciences
  4. Earth and Planetary Sciences
  5. School of Environment and Society:
  6. Civil and Environmental
  7. Engineering school
  8. Electrical and Electronic
  9. Engineering Mechanical
  10. Engineering Information and Communication
  11. Engineering Industrial Engineering and Economics
  12. Systems and Control Engineering
  13. School of Materials and Chemistry
  14. Technology:
  15. Chemical
  16. Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering
  17. School of Computing:
  18. Science Mathematical and Computer Science
  19. School of Science
  20. Physics
  21. School of Life Sciences and Technology:
  22. Life Sciences and Technology
  23. Mathematics
  24. Chemistry
  25. Science and Engineering

Financial Coverage for International Graduate Scholarships

The international graduate scholarship program available in Japan is open to international students; the scholarship is defined as a total free scholarship opportunity to be funded by the Japanese government. The award will include the following grant to settle the study expenses:

  • Travel cost: Airfare will be provided from the student’s home country to and from Japan and the cost of travel from Japan to the student’s home country.
  • Monthly Fee: To cover Enrollment and Full Monthly Fee and Scholars do not need to pay registration fee.

Eligibility Criteria for this Japan Scholarship:

Applicants are expected to meet the eligibility requirements set out below as these criteria are what make them eligible to apply for the International Graduate Scholarship in Japan:

If the students’ native language is not English, they must present the Certificate of Proficiency in English that was obtained at the former university.

  • Students are expected to apply in the discipline of academic study that applicants studied while at the former university or in a closely related field.
  • You must also have completed master’s studies to be able to apply for a doctorate 2023.
  • You are expected to have a bachelor’s degree if you are applying for a master’s scholarship 2023.

Documents Required 

The following list of documents to apply for the International Graduate Scholarship program in Japan;

  • Your ID photo.
  • Graduation and graduation certificate.
  • Your consent email or a letter obtained from the Tokyo Tech Faculty Member.
  • Your English Proficiency Score Report.
  • A copy of your passport or residency card.
  • Verification of student registration fee payment.
  • You’re Field of Study and Program of Study.
  • Academic transcripts.
  • Your thesis summary.
  • Other supporting documentation.
  • Your letter of recommendation.

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