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AIESEC opportunities for professional exchange abroad 2022

AIESEC opportunities for professional exchange abroad 2022, AIESEC is a university movement that combines the exchange experience with an opportunity to work paid for leadership development. The institution’s differential is to provide this opportunity with prices well below those charged by traditional exchange agencies.

AIESEC Present in more than 126 countries, AIESEC is considered the largest student organization in the world. University students are the target audience of the initiative, to participate in the movement and also apply for an exchange program; AIESEC opportunities for professional exchange abroad 2022 your age must be between 18 and 30 years of age, be attending undergraduate or graduate studies or have graduated 2 years ago

According to the organization, the main objective of AIESEC is to develop human potential through the development of young leaders. This process is done through six values:

  1. Demonstrating Integrity
  2. Acting Sustainably
  3. Activating Leadership
  4. Pursuing Excellence
  5. Living Diversity
  6. Enjoying Participating

There are three program options at AIESEC. The search for vacancies, choice of country and period of stay is done by the student through a portal and with the help of teams from local offices. Before linking the youth to AIESEC, the local office holds an expectations alignment meeting with each one. More scholarships at google apprenticeship program

It is also possible to link to AIESEC by offering support for the movement itself, which is entirely supported by volunteers, either by working in local having an exchange student at your home

  • The programs offered are:

Virtual Professional 2022

This AIESEC modality is an international professional experience focused on leadership that can be carried out remotely via the internet. Participants can receive a grant during the activities, live in a corporate environment that allows for the development of professional skills and make international connections. The duration is from 5 to 26 weeks and, to participate, it is necessary to have advanced English and work experience in the area you want to work or have any certificate.

Global Teacher 2022

In this modality, exchange students can work in schools or educational institutions from 4to 18 months and receive a grant. To apply, as in previous programs, you must have advanced English and work experience in the area you want to work in.

Global Talent 2022

The Global Talent program is a professional exchange experience opportunity focused on developing leadership skills. Participants work in a company abroad from 7 to 72 weeks. In this case, candidates from the areas of

  1. Engineering
  2. Administration
  3. Finance
  4. Information Technology
  5. Management
  6. HR and Marketing

To participate, you must have advanced English and work experience in the area you want to work in.

Those interested in any of the programs must register on the website from AIESEC. From there, the portal indicates to young people the contacts of the nearest local office, which will work directly in the search for the desired experience. AIESEC puts the young person in contact with different companies for Global Talent and Global Entrepreneur and organizations for Global Volunteer, who interview and make their selection, together with the local office of destination. The final word belongs to these entities, which are looking for young people to fill their vacancies.

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