Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
AAUW Scholarship for girls

AAUW Scholarship for girls 2022/2023, The American Association of University Women (AAUW), an American association with a focus on female empowerment, is accepting applications for the 2022-2023 edition of its U.S. Women’s Graduate Scholarship Program. The scholarships are intended to support non-American women who want to done a:

  • Graduate,
  • Master’s

Doctoral or postdoctoral degree in the country.

The program values ​​of 21 thousand dollars (graduate and masters), 26 thousand dollars (doctorate) and 51 thousand dollars (postdoctoral), the values ​​have increased.  Applications can be made online and are open until November 15, 2022. The AAWU Scholarship is a great option for anyone who has been accepted to study in the United States without a scholarship.

How to Apply for Graduate Scholarships for Women in the USA

To compete, the candidate must fill out an online application and upload some documents. Three letters of recommendation from

  • Professors or professionals
  • Curriculum,
  • Letter of motivation,
  • Academic record,
  • Copy of diploma

Letter of acceptance from the chosen American institution, proof of proficiency in English are required. All documents must be translated. If the applicant has not yet been accepted at the time of application, she must list the name of at least one institution for which she has applied.

Program selection criteria

A committee meets once a year to review grant applications based on the following criteria:

Whether the applicant resides in the country of origin at the time of application and whether it is a developing or emerging country;

  1. Intention to return to the country of origin;
  2. Academic and professional qualification;
  3. Commitment to the advancement of women and girls in their home country;
  4. Proposed study schedule;
  5. Quality and feasibility of the research project;
  6. Evidence of community work in the country of origin;
  7. Applicant’s country need for specialized knowledge or skill;
  8. Financial need;
  9. Motivation.

The AAUW Program

Among the requirements to participate in the selection for postgraduate scholarships for women in the USA, are not having American nationality, having an undergraduate degree by November 15, 2022, having already started the application process at the institution of interest and dedicating full-time for the chosen course during the scholarship year.

It is also a prerequisite to prove English language proficiency proven by TOEFL, IELTS or other exams, in addition to intending to return to the country of origin to pursue a professional career. The program favors candidates who demonstrate commitment to improving the living conditions of girls and women through civic, community or professional activities and who have financial need.

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